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Oceanic Yachts - the exciting new line of yachts built at Cantiere Navale di Ostia – Canados – has the pleasure to announce that hull #1 of Oceanic Yachts 140' has been sold.



The first Oceanic 140' in its DiElec version has been sold. The lamination of the hull has already been completed with the superstructure construction running along with deck partition and installation. The completion of this first 140’ model is scheduled for very early 2015 and the vessel will be exhibited at the 2015 boat shows.


The Oceanic 140’ features a superstructure entirely made of Kevlar/Aramat, a state-of-the-art material employed in aeronautics. Aramat offers substantial gains in weight and strength. The 140 is powered by triple MTU 16V2000 M94 engines producing 2,600 hp each coupled to Fortjes counter rotating propellers pod drives. Two additional Auxilia electric 120 kW motors allow her to run in diesel-electric configuration at 8.5-knots with a fuel consumption under 50 liters per hour. When being on the run on the three MTU, the 140’ is capable of a cruising speed in the region of 23 knots for a top end speed of 27 knots.


The Oceanic 140’, thanks to her diesel-electric propulsion and her “displaning” twin stepped hull with bulbous bow, offers impressive long range capacity with 5,400 Nautical Miles at 8.5 knots.


 "DiElec” stands for Diesel-Electric – It is a true innovation of the Oceanic range. In this version, the 140' can run either on its three MTU engines for speeds up to 27 knots or, alternately, on its two 120 kW electric motors powered by generators at 8.5 knots. 


What makes this yacht unique is the combination of diesel-electric engine with the "Displaning" high-performance hull concept conceived by Arrabito Naval Design in collaboration with shipyard’s chief naval Architect Giovanni Senatore. The twin-stepped hull reduces friction and increases low speed performance and stability, thanks to a specifically designed bulb tank tested at the Italian Naval Institute. The result is a unique composite built expedition yacht of 43-meters capable of 5,400 nautical miles range at 8.5 knots (less than 50 liters/13 US gallons per hour fuel consumption), but also keen on cruising between 22 and 24-knots, with a top speed close to 27 knots. This concept offers the best of both displacement and semi-planning configurations, more specifically displacement at speeds under 14-knots and semi-planning above that speed. In general, displacement speeds offer lower consumption and longer range, while semi-planning offers higher performances.


Interior design of Oceanic 140’ hull #1 is by award winning Rome based designer Michela Reverberi. The vast wheelhouse of the OY 140’ is located on the main deck, ensuring the entire upper deck is preserved solely to accommodate the Owner’s private apartment. Along with panoramic views from a high vantage point, this magnificent suite includes a 25 sq. meter en-suite with steam bath, a secluded terrace with Jacuzzi facing forward, plus a private aft outdoor bridge with private dining area and lounges. The fly bridge, equipped with bar, sun-pads and full bathroom, has been cleverly conceived to cater for relaxing days and lively evening parties alike.


As the entire Oceanic Yachts production – OY 140’ #1 maintains the brand-new philosophy whose main features are: extended outdoor and indoor living volumes, ability to carry large toys and tenders, high performance and ability to navigate at economic speed with low fuel consumption, resulting in reduced overall operating costs. 


Parametry techniczne jachtu motorowego


  • Długość całkowita (LOA): 42,95 m (140’11”)
  • Długość linii wodnej: 37,20 m (122’1”)
  • Maksymalna szerokość: 8,22 m (26'11"’)
  • Prędkość krążownicza: 23 węzły (diesel), 7,5 węzłów (silniki elektryczne)
  • Prędkość maksymalna: 27 węzłów (diesel), 8,5 węzłów (silniki elektryczne)
  • Silniki: 3x MTU 16V 2000 M94
  • Silniki elektryczne: 2x 120 kW Auxilia
  • Zasięg przy prędkości krążowniczej: 720 Mm (23 węzły)
  • Zasięg na silnikach elektrycznych: 5.400 Mm
  • Maksymalna wielkość tendera: 6,5 m (21’4”)
  • Zanurzenie: 2,60 m (8’7”)
  • Wysokość: 13,20 m (43’3”)
  • Pojemność zbiorników paliwa: 37.400 L (9.880 US Gallons)
  • Pojemność zbiorników wody czarnej: 1.500 L (396 US Gallons)
  • Pojemność zbiornika wody szarej: 2.000 L (528 US Gallons)
  • Pojemność zbiornika wody czystej: 5.000 L (1.320 US Gallons)





- Transoceanic yacht package, high-speed performances, reduced operating costs

- Oceanic 90’ and Oceanic 140' – 2014 current range

- Introducing the all new “displaning” hull concept

- Based on hard R&D for a "real explorer experience"

- Bespoke custom interiors and Made in Italy


Oceanic Yachts is an exciting new line of yachts built at Cantiere Navale di Ostia – Canados. A range of explorer vessels - spanning 90’ to 140’ - which is the result of a close interaction with the customers of the 66-year Italian builder and a constant monitoring of the global yachting market’s evolution.



Located a mere 7km from the international airport of Rome Fiumicino, the Canados shipyard was founded shortly after World War II and started to focus on pleasure crafts in the 1950’s, resulting in an overall amount of approximately 700 builds. With a wide range of proprietary skills maintained in-house, Canados is one of very few shipyards in Europe to still produce everything internally. Canados has continuously strived to remain at the cutting-edge of yacht building technology, techniques and production processes employing vacuum infusion, Nomex and materials used in the aero-space sector. While employing processes still considered futuristic by some shipyards, Canados has al-ways remained faithful to the values and secular knowledge jealously protected by its craftsmen.





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